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Teeth Brightening Powder


90% of people when asked admit they would prefer to have brighter whiter cleaner teeth but to achieve that they would have to use gels and lights and stuff. Not any more with LuxiWhite Teeth Brightening Powder which will clean and brighten your teeth without the pain that can be experienced when going to teeth whitening clinics.

Created to be safe and effective the powder will brighten your teeth safely and when you brush with it you will find that after two minutes of brushing that your mouth and teeth feel ever so fresh and clean. Unlike other companies we will not make outlandish claims but we can safely say when you follow the regime of brushing suggested by LuxiWhite you will see a gradual but steady brightening of your teeth to a much whiter shade.

The powder is also excellent when it comes to removing staining from teeth caused by smoking, coffee and red wine removing the staining slowly and safely without damaging the enamel on your teeth.


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